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Welcome Lounge Floor

Zone before observation deck / welcome lounge

The excitement before heading up into the sky.
Checking the highlights in an introductory video.

Ticket counter

The previously outdoor counter has been moved indoors. Ticketing staff respond to visitor requests comfortably and without being affected by the weather.

Tower bar

The location of the old ticket counter is now a bar counter. The front entrance to Tokyo Tower, where visitors can take a rest with a glass of sparkling wine.

Welcome lounge

A welcome area extending from the ticket counter that exhibits illustrations and dioramas about Tokyo Tower. The central space enables visitors to check the upcoming highlights in an introductory video on a large screen.

Information counter

The information counter with a simple and unobtrusive design has attendants permanently stationed. Attendants answer questions related to Tokyo sightseeing, even if they are not about Tokyo Tower.


Large scale movie
Large scale movie
Large scale movie
Photogenic Neon


Elevator to Main Deck

The exaltation of rising to the deck. A dark gap enhances the effect. A mere 45 seconds.
But this start of the journey is full of expectation and is the most thrilling moment.
The elevator interior purposefully emphasizes darkness.
This is to increase the emotion felt when encountering the light upon opening the door to the observation deck. The experience is almost like the feeling of escaping from a dark tunnel.

Main Deck / Window Glass

Main Deck interior decoration / window glass

All windows are now wider.
A touch of playfulness in the luxurious interior decoration.

Window glass

All the window frames and glass on the four sides of the Main Deck have been replaced and are now wider both horizontally and vertically. Visitors can now stand next to the window to enjoy the stunning scenery with a wider view.

Interior decoration of walls and floors

A dark color scheme with the gloss of luxurious glass material. The inner wall reflects the scenery of Tokyo that enters from the windows. Soft carpet used on the floor. Enables visitors to comfortably move around the deck.

Skywalk Window

A glass floor that lets visitors gaze 150 m straight down. Two new areas (on the south side) have been added to the existing two areas (on the north side). A gimmick design has been added to the surrounding floor to enhance the excitement of being in a high place.

Tower Daijingu

A noble Shinto shrine that has been enshrined here for 40 years. The shrine has been renewed in thanks of it protecting the safety of Tokyo Tower for such a long time. The dignified atmosphere of the shrine will continue to protect the health and prosperity of visitors.


Male and female lavatories have been renewed with strong color tones for easy identification and a luxurious design. The addition of a multipurpose restroom enables visitors to enjoy their stay on the deck without having to worry about the time.


Window glass
Window glass
Skywalk Window
Café La Tour

multi-purpose space / Club Triple-Three

Music and events
A stage of the finest quality with an eye-catching 260 inch monitor.
  • 2002 - 2018

    This stage that crowns the height of the tower has been the location of concerts, DJs, and talk shows for more than 15 years, and voices have been clamoring for performances. The small size of the open space resulted in a feeling of unity between the performers and the spectators due to them being only a short distance apart.
  • 2019 -

    The renovation makes the space wider (approx. 90 m2) and more refined like a live music venue. The realistic sound equipment and video displayed on the 260 inch LED monitor will lead to more lively events. When events are not held, LED vision shows original movies in 4K. Visitors can rest here between observations.


The Corridor gallery and shop

Exhibition of Tokyo Tower planning materials. Souvenir shop with a hint of the view.
The elevator from the observation deck descends to the 3rd floor of FOOT TOWN.
As suggested by the name "Corridor," visitors can enjoy walking around a corridor and bask in the afterglow of their journey.
Tower gallery
This simple yet refined space periodically exhibits valuable materials related to Tokyo Tower and special exhibitions.
Mother Farm Café
A cafe run by a tourist farm in Chiba that has a close relationship with Tokyo Tower.
Visitors can relax and have a drink while discussing their impressions of the view.
Official shop GALAXY
A wider floor space and a cooler display.
Our wide range of products means that you are sure to find something you like, as well as souvenirs.


Mother Farm Cafe
Mother Farm Cafe
Top Deck TOUR

Special offer!

From September 26, tours for experiencing the 250 m high Top Deck are
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